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Bagua Zhang Lineage
Bagua Zhang is one of the four styles of Chinese internal martial arts (Neijia Quan) .  These internal arts are Taiji Quan (Tai Chi), Xingyi Quan (Hsing-I Chuan), Bagua Zhang (Pa Kua), and Liu He Ba Fa (Waterboxing).

Out of respect for our lineage and teachers, we embrace traditional training in the Chinese internal arts at Six Harmonies Gongfu.  Dong Hai Chuan was the first Bagua master to accept apprentices and teach Bagua Zhang in Beijing, China over a century ago.  Bagua Zhang comes to our family from Li Ziming.


Li Ziming was a student of Liang Zhenpu, who, in turn, learned from Dong Haichuan (the founder of Bagua).  Li Ziming died in 1993; he was the last known living representative of the 3rd generation of Bagua practitioners.  For over 20 years Li Ziming presided over the world’s largest Bagua Zhang association.  In 1989, Master Li Ziming appointed Vincent Black as president of the United States branch of the Li Ziming Bagua Zhang family.


Vince Black is the founder of the North American Tang Shou Tao Association (NATSTA) and has spent over 20 years studying with the some of the most exceptional martial artists in China.  Miranda began training with Vince Black in 1990. Jennifer began training with Miranda in 1994 and with Vince Black in 1996.  Both Miranda and Jennifer continue to train Bagua Zhang with Vince Black and are NATSTA Certified Instructors in Liang Zhenpu-style Bagua Zhang.


Benefits of Bagua Zhang Practice
Regular practice of Bagua Zhang cultivates Qi (energy) to improve physical and mental health and support overall wellness thereby reducing the risk of disease.  Regular Bagua practice increases muscle strength while relaxing and lengthening the muscles; invigorates Qi and Blood to reduce pain caused by old injuries, osteoarthritis, lack of exercise, etc.; and increases joint mobility.  Consistent Bagua practice also supports a healthy back and neck, increases flexibility and mobility in the spine and hips and increases circulation throughout the whole body.  Bagua practice also relaxes the mind, thereby reducing stress and anxiety, increasing focus and concentration, and developing deep, relaxed breathing.

Because Bagua Zhang is a martial art. In addition to its many health benefits, regular Bagua practice increases self-confidence and develops martial combat skills through a variety of empty-hand forms, 2-person applications, Qinna (joint locks), and weapons training.  Bagua also trains us to move the body wholistically from our core with a motion that is both smooth and coordinated.  There is no reliance on muscle strength generated from a single region of the body; rather the source of power in Bagua is the Dantian (the lower part of the abdomen below the navel).  This style of movement is trained and cultivated over many years of regular practice and is the cultivation of internal power.

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